The fish is processed as Fresh or frozen according to the customers’ request and packaged by the experienced staff, under the control of our quality managers expert consultants.

The processing facility is located in Port said city-Industrial zone, and every process  are managed by the international quality assurance system.

To ensure the quality of the fish, the quality specialist  examines the fish during the receiving process and also withdraws a representative sample for microbiological and bacterial analysis

For our constant concern about the quality and safety of our product, we always check random samples of the product during the manufacturing process, as well as taking swabs from the surfaces touching the product for the microbiological examination.

We consider water to be an integral part of the product, because of  using it   at all stages of manufacturing. Periodic water samples are taken for chemical and microbiological examination

Golden Dove Co. for Fish guarantees its quality service by the certificates, it has ISO 22000:2005 , ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Our Certificats

Golden Dove obtained ISO Certificate (22000/14001/9001) and OHSAS Certificate (18001) according to international quality standards
Export approval has also been obtained for various European countries